Lisa Morgan's FUTURE SEEING - using trance techniques and NLP to access unconscious thought processing

Neuroscience is demonstrating that the most powerful asset for making decisions we have is our unconscious mind.

Lisa Morgan offers training in hypnosis-based techniques, qualitative research that goes deeper and insight-generating consultancy to businesses and to individuals.

Training in Creative Hypnosis for insight

She offers business-oriented courses for insight managers, innovators, researchers and people who wish to use trance-derived techniques for creative ideas and for understanding how people make decisions.

Trance is a way to stimulate innovative creative ideas and also a way to research the unconscious thought-processing that makes people do what they do.

Training in Hypnosis and NLP for therapists and coaches

Regular courses for therapists, coaches, the curious and those that want to fulfill their potential.

Workshops on creativity and how to fulfill your potential. Courses that teach new ideas, communication and thinking skills.

Lisa is Chair of the UK Guild of Hypnosis Practitioners.

  • For Individuals
    Workshops and one-to-one sessions on how to get the most out of life by using your unconscious processing power and develop your creativity.

    It's fun to fulfil your potential.

    Make the most of your assets: call 01229 583 750 to discuss how Lisa might help you.

  • NEWS

    Lisa demonstrates hypnosis and NLP on her youtube channel. Please subscribe if you like them - search 'Lisa Morgan futureseeing'

    Latest video is Hypnosis to conquer Fear with Confidence - Lisa Morgan

    Training Courses
    Creative Hypnosis Diploma
    Clinical Hypnosis Diploma
    Hypnotherapy Diploma
    NLP Practitioner Diploma
    NLP Master Practitioner Diploma

    Introduction to Shamanic Trance
    The Glass Half Full
    Talent for Life




    Trance... a tool to dig deeper




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    Creative Hypnosis

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    Articles and commentary on hypnosis and how it accesses the unconscious creative resource.