Professional Course : Diploma in Hypnotherapy

A training that builds upon the Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis

If you have studied hypnosis to Diploma level and wish to improve your hypnosis skills, this course is for you. You must already be able to work in trance with clients and have taken a course such as the Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis by Future Seeing Training or similar.

Practical Experiential Learning

This course is practical as well as giving you the theoretical framework of a range of therapeutic hypnotic approaches and interventions.
There are plenty of opportunities to work in trance and develop techniques, so that you build confidence to work effectively with others.


Attendees receive a detailed file, a course manual on CD, covering in detail the course syllabus and a recommended reading list to continue studies.

Course Content

Over 50 hours of concentrated training gives you understanding of:

The course also covers

In addition, a further ten hours of supervised study is required to complete three case-studies describing the effective use of hypnotherapeutic tools. Hence this certificated course in total comprises 60 hours study and practice.

Gaining Hypnosis Qualification

All trainees must demonstrate their competence in using the hypnotherapeutic skills they have been taught and also complete their three case studies. If judged to be competent, they are awarded the UKGHE accredited Diploma in Hypnotherapy. This certificate enables people to become a member of the UK Guild of Hypnotist Examiners and be accredited as a Certificated Hypnotherapist (CHyp) by the Guild. See

FUTURE SEEING TRAINING is approved as a professional training organisation by the UKGHE.

"Lisa is a master at giving people an experience, not just an explanation."
Maureen Troward, Hypnotherapist, Southampton.

"Lisa presents her expertise in such an accessible way that I felt sufficiently empowered to put my learning to good use with my clients straight away."
Amanda O'Brien, Psychotherapist, Cumbria

Call 01229 583750 to reserve your place. Early bird discounts are available: 20% for booking six months in advance, 10% booking three months in advance.

£500 for non-members of the UKGHE (this includes one year's membership of the UKGHE)
£450 for current UKGHE members.
Members of the UKGHE who hold a CHyp qualification can retake the course at a reduced fee of £200.
A deposit of £150 is required to secure your place (repeaters' deposit: £80).

This fee includes all training materials, CD manual, certificate, and drinks, (but not meals.)
A deposit of £150 is required to secure your place.

It is also possible to pay by installments over several months. There is also an early bird discount. Please contact us to discuss these options.

Location: Green Lane Farm, Green Lane, Ulverston, Cumbria, LA12 0J

Time: The course is run either over 5 days (from 9.30 - 19.30) or over 2 intensive weekends of study. Over the two weekends, the course runs from Friday 13.00 - 19.30, Saturday 9.30 - 19.30, Sunday 9.30 - 17.00, thus comprising 50 hours of classroom learning. In addition, trainees are given supervision for preparation of their three case studies.

See the calendar for the course dates.

About Lisa Morgan

Course Facilitator Lisa Morgan B.Sc. PGCE CMH CHyp MPNLP is Chair of the UK Guild of Hypnotist Examiners.

She became interested in exploring the power of the unconscious mind twenty years ago, when she created communication strategies for global advertising campaigns. She first taught hypnosis in 1996 and has been training hypnosis and expanding her understanding of how trance helps people change ever since.

An author and regular public speaker on the power of the unconscious mind to shape our lives, Lisa runs trance-based workshops all over the world, most recently in the USA, Japan and the UK.

She moved to Ulverston, Cumbria in 2004 after spending 10 years living and working in Asia.


Here are the answers to some questions asked recently, that might be useful if you are considering taking this course:

Question: Who accredits the course?
Answer; Future Seeing Training is approved as a training organisation of professional courses by the UK Guild of Hypnotist Examiners (

Question: Why is the Certificate in Hypnotherapy such a good price compared with other certificated courses?
1. Because it is held at Green Lane Farm, there are very few overhead costs
2. It is practical and experiential, hence takes one week or two concentrated weekends to complete. The course is focused on teaching you the skills and techniques involved in develop your competence as a therapeutic hypnosis practitioner.

Question: Do I need to be good academically to do this?
Answer: There is little academic study demanded but instead the training requires that all students achieve and demonstrate their competence in creating change through hypnotic trance. A CD manual details the course teaching and a reading list is supplied for students to take their studies further.

Question: Can I pay in installments?
Answer: Yes. If it helps you to attend this course, you can contact us to discuss how to stagger your payments over time.

Any other questions, you can ask Lisa directly, on 01229 583750.


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