Business Clients

Lisa has explored the unconscious imagery of supermarket shopping, fast food, frozen food, snacks, drinks, clothes, fashion, toiletries, banking, cars, mobile telecommunications, media use and television entertainment. People's descriptions of symbolic internal imagery and 'predictions' act as the raw data from which strategies are developed. Consumers' descriptions of future fashions, brands, retailing and innovative products have often prefigured the future market trends.

Lisa Morgan has worked with a wide range of blue chip clients including government organisations, and consumer goods companies marketing food, drink, fashion, finance, household goods, hair-care, jewellery, telecommunications, entertainment, baby products, feminine hygiene and petfoods. Companies with whom Lisa Morgan has used a visioning approach include BBH, Coca Cola, Diageo, JWT, IMRB, LEGO, Levi's, McCanns, McVities, MTV, Publicis, Rapp and WPA - Pinfold.

Individual clients

One to One sessions

Lisa also helps individuals. Sessions can be face-to-face or via skype.

She works with clients on a range of personal issues including career planning, building self-esteem, work strategies, stress management, and health issues such as asthma, allergies, quitting smoking and other unwanted habits. Imagination-based visioning and hypnosis techniques are powerful aids to developing personal strategies for change. Please contact Lisa if you wish to book a personal session.


"Life-changing experience" is not a phrase to use lightly. But the single-day workshop I attended with Lisa on the subject of 'A Talent for Life' was, indeed, just that. Oh, there was no moment on the road to Damascus; the clouds didn't part to reveal new pronouncements or platitudes. Rather, Lisa's put me back in touch with truths I knew deep down, which I'd lost in day-to-day life. Her unique and subtle skill is to bring out the things you already know about yourself, and to unleash the power of your imagination for change. I wouldn't have come to know myself so well without Lisa's help."
Martin K, New York, USA

When I signed up to do a workshop with Lisa on work and career development,I had just begun my first real (and challenging) job and was already pretty desperate about my prospects and my situation. I expected to spend a lot of time dissecting my fraught relationships with assignments and bosses. Rather, Lisa had us drawing our ideas and dreams, and sinking into trances to find our animal totems which would guide us in life. She gave us techniques to work out what we want out of life and work, and helped me see that those two were basically the same thing. I haven't been moved to use the techniques again, but then, I haven't really felt desperate about work or life since the workshop. I think Lisa has loads and loads of insight and wisdom, and the ability to locate that same deep wisdom inside the people she guides as well.
Debbie H, Tokyo, Japan

The Glass Half Full

"I would recommend the workshop - as an individual you are under no obligation to "spill your guts" / confess although there is open forum to share experiences if you choose to. The exercises are subtle and actually quite fun. But although they are subtle they seem to be working at a deeper subconscious level which means that behaviour changes without you having to make much / any conscious effort - a kind of no pain and lots of gain!"
Q. L.

"I undertook Lisa's drinks workshop considering myself an ex serious drinker after 12 years of boozing and working hard in London from the 80's to 90's. However I wondered why I seemed to drink more than anyone else at dinner parties. I was quite happy not to drink but if it was there it was too good to turn down.
What I discovered through Lisa's excellent workshop was a far more complex range of emotions around alcohol of which I was not consciously aware.
I realised that alcohol first got its seductive claws into me aged about 13 when a bottle of cider on the beach made me feel more confident, sophisticated and socially at ease and those feelings had continued to colour my attitude to drinking. That in itself was a shock. I also saw that I had a deep fear of becoming an alcoholic like my father and so fear and compulsion played an unconscious role in my attitudes to booze.
Immediately on the evening after the course I chose to have one glass of wine with a friend over dinner and then not feel compelled 'just to finish the bottle'. Whilst I now am still able to enjoy a glass of wine the insights Lisa's course gave me have enabled me to view it with more freedom and choose just to have one glass. My previous pattern was the booze equivalent of feast or famine.
Lisa handles the workshop with skill, honesty and humour and the experience of The Glass Half Full has stayed with me and significantly impacted on my attitude to booze.
Jo B.

"The methods that you employed touched me deeply and let me understand the roots of my relationship with alcohol, the potential future and how to make that future be different to what it is today.
It has given me a platform to build on and I have started to build, already revisiting my notes and the exercises you introduced and putting the philosophy into practice.
Bill W.


With Judith Wardle, explored supermarket decision-making using dual methodologies - trance and accompanied shopping.

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