Lisa Morgan

Lisa Morgan specialises in exploring people's unconscious minds. She uses hypnosis and imagination techniques to reveal unexpressed thoughts and expectations. Through these insights, she helps businesses, brand owners and individuals understand the power of the unconscious, have creative ideas and to build strategies for the future.

Over the last 20 years, Lisa has developed her innovative approach for accessing the unconscious. She draws from a range of thinking tools as well as hypnosis: neuro linguistic programming (NLP) and creative problem solving techniques.

Lisa combines this with high-level international business experience and teaching expertise.

Working to help individuals fulfill their potential has also been an important feature of her work for several years. Since 1992, Lisa has regularly worked with people wishing to develop a personal vision. She is Chair of the UK Guild of Hypnotist Examiners and has been trainer of their approved Hypnosis and NLP courses for the past 5 years.

In 1994, she became Planning and Research Director, Asia Pacific, for United Distillers (Diageo) in Hong Kong. In 1995 this post relocated to Tokyo, which she made her base until 2004. She has worked at director level in marketing research companies and in advertising agencies, including J. Walter Thompson where she was Associate Director and a Senior Consumer Planner in London and Warsaw.

In the early '90s, she began to explore ways to innovate in business. She studied creative thinking in a variety of applications, including Creative Problem Solving at the University of New York, Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming in the UK, training with Wilf Proudfoot, visioning in the USA and shamanic studies in Hong Kong and Tokyo. These studies led her to recognise the significant role of the unconscious in shaping people's choices and also business fortunes. The techniques she learnt informs her approach with individuals and businesses.

From 1998-2001, Lisa ran experimental workshops - The 17s Project - across Asia and the UK, in collaboration with photographer, Caroline Parsons. It was a documentation of visions of the future of more than 130 teenagers, produced as short film and bilingual (English and Japanese) book: VOICE in their own words Teenagers Predict the Future.

A wide experience of working internationally, Lisa has run workshops and research projects in the UK, Denmark, Belgium, Poland, USA, Japan, China, India, Indonesia, Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand. A BSc(Econ.) (Hons), she is also a qualified high-school teacher and has taught in London and also, for two years, at Green Island Secondary School in Jamaica.

In 2004, she returned to live in Britain and is now based near Ulverston, Cumbria at Green Lane Farm, where she runs training courses and workshops. Her work has been featured in The Times, FT, on CNN, regional press and women's magazines - most recently Woman and Home.

Lisa Morgan

UK Guild of Hypnotist Examiners

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