Brainwave Day - an introduction to hypnosis-based idea generation skills for insight managers and innovators: September 11th, Central London.

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Hypnosis is a powerful tool to help us reach and work with the unconscious - the seat of imagination and creative insight. Lisa has been using hypnosis in business for twenty years to help people find innovative solutions. In this workshop, she shares her knowledge and techniques.

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Course descriptions

Training Courses

Creative Hypnosis
Hypnosis for Business Insight
Clinical Hypnosis Diploma
Certificate in Hypnotherapy
NLP Practitioner Diploma
NLP Master Practitioner


Transformational Questioning
Unconscious Processing (CPD)
Leaping (for work teams)
Making it up (for work teams)
Communicating with the Unconscious (for business)
Introduction to Shamanic Trance
The Glass Half Full
My Future
Talent for Life
What I Will Be
Personal Development Skills

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