Business Workshop : How to Communicate with the Unconscious Mind

Lessons in Communication from Neuroscience and Hypnosis Practice

Who would learn something useful?

Business people who need to understand how the mind receives and processes information - especially
marketers, advertisers and people in the communication industries

A practical experiential workshop

Through exercises and discussion, participants explore the implications of recent learnings from neuroscience - which has highlighted the executive role played by the Unconscious.

Also explained and demonstrated are key methodologies long employed by hypnotists - which have been shown to be effective in communicating to people at the level of their unconscious minds.

Subjects covered

Though each workshop is developed to be relevant to the client's business, including using client examples and case-studies, the agenda examines:


At a venue chosen by you, the client


Lisa Morgan designs each workshop according to the client's needs and is the principal facilitator. She is supported by her team.

Course descriptions

Training Courses

Creative Hypnosis
Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis
Certificate in Hypnotherapy
NLP Practitioner Diploma
NLP Master Practitioner


Transformational Questioning
Unconscious Processing (CPD)
Leaping (for work teams)
Making it up (for work teams)
Communicating with the Unconscious (for business)
Introduction to Shamanic Trance
The Glass Half Full
My Future
Talent for Life
What I Will Be
Personal Development Skills



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