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There is so much to discover about the unconscious mind. Neuroscience is demonstrating that it does most of our thinking and is cleverer than we know: processing information, linking experiences, drawing inferences, determining emotional reactions, experimenting and making decisions, often outside conscious awareness. Decisions, ideas and creative solutions are sourced from this invisible processing power.
Hypnosis gives access to the internal world of the unconscious and enables us to tap into its non-linear creative processing directly.

Who benefits from this course

Creative professionals, planners and coaches are examples of business professionals who will get lots out of this.

Creative Hypnosis Certification is a five-day course held in Green Lane Farm, South Lakes, Cumbria.

Practical experiential learning

This training is unique in that it focuses on non-traditional applications of hypnosis, in particular,
accessing the unconscious resource of creativity, inspiration and innovation.

in addition, the course trains you to explore unconscious thought-processing in order to understand better how decisions are made and behaviour is shaped

Throughout this course, trainees put the principles into practice and thus, through direct experience, gain knowledge at an unconscious as well as a conscious level.

Access the unconscious as a source of creativity

The benefits of learning hypnosis are considerable for people who seek greater creativity in their work and want to find easier ways to achieve insight.
There is a commonly-held belief that creativity requires some sort of struggle and that the source of inspiration is elusive and mysterious.Yet history is full of stories that show that breakthrough was easy to achieve - through some sudden leap of imagination, symbolic dream, or idea that arrived fully fledged. Kekulé, for example, 'saw' the shape of the benzene molecule when he dreamt of a snake eating its tail; Samuel Taylor Coleridge wrote his poetry automatically, 'channeling the divine winds'.
These suggest that great ideas can be easy to come by. In fact, it is the power and sophistication of unconscious processing that enables us to make creative leaps. Hypnosis taps into this processing power directly and so gives easy access to this creative source,
This course gives you the skills to connect with the unconscious and to become familiar with its genius. Hypnosis breaks the frame of the old and reveals the new.

Explore unconscious thought processing

Hypnosis offers access to the processing of the unconscious mind. In trance, you can explore the neural web of associations, the imagery, memories and emotions that inform decision-making. Hypnosis is therefore a powerful tool for researchers who want to understand the thoughts behind the thoughts and the feelings behind those too. Qualitative researchers will find this course provides them with techniques to gain a new understanding of human attitudes, values, behaviour and expectations.

Useful hypnosis-based tools

The practice of hypnosis involves a number of skills that are useful in a wide range of applications. The course includes:
rapport building
the art of effective suggestions and also how not to implant them by mistake
questioning techniques to reveal the deep structure
trance induction and exploration
effective, non-contaminated visualisation and other projectives
regression and future progression
resource identification and development
state recognition and state management
symbolic and metaphorical imagery
'eureka' methods to stimulate idea generation.

In addition, trainees learn how to manage the levels of trance and abreaction. The ethical dimension of working in trance will also be explained.

Learn how to work with others hypnotically

As well as developing your personal creativity on this course, you learn how to use creative hypnosis with others, so that they tap into their creative resources.
You explore how to work with people on a one-to-one basis and gain plenty of practice at doing this.
You use hypnosis to uncover people's attitudes to issues, to reveal their expectations and examine their needs.
The training also covers hypnotic techniques for working with groups, useful for all professionals who seek to engender vision and experimentation in their workplace. .
Particular marketing applications that are covered include:
how to work with business teams in order to develop new ideas and strategies derived from unconscious insights
the use of hypnosis as an element of systematic brainstorming processes
training for the development of flexibility and experimentation.

Commercial Relevance

The course reflects the business and work requirements of the trainees. Each trainee is encouraged and supported to build their own job-specific hypnosis skill set.

With CD manual

Attendees receive a course manual on CD, covering in detail the course contents and including a recommended reading list to take the study further.

Call 01229 583750 to reserve your place

Creative Hypnosis Certification
£770, to include CD manual, certificate, creative materials, drinks and lunch.
A deposit of £95 is required to secure your place.
Location: Green Lane Farm, Green Lane, Ulverston, Cumbria, LA12 0JX

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About Lisa Morgan

Course Facilitator Lisa Morgan B.Sc. (Hons.) PGCE CMH CHyp MPNLP is Chair of the UK Guild of Hypnotist Examiners and an approved trainer for the Guild.

She became interested in exploring the power of the unconscious mind twenty years ago, when she created communication strategies for global advertising campaigns. Lisa first learnt hypnosis in the early 90s. She then studied creative problem solving at the University of New York 1996. This course is the result of a fusion of the techniques and skills of creative idea generation and trance. She has worked for the past 20 years with international businesses using hypnosis-based approaches to develop innovations, generate new products and strategies,

Lisa is an exponent of trance as a methodology for qualitative research. In April 2012, she delivered a paper at the AQR/QRCA worldwide conference in Rome: 'Trance research - how to find out what people are really thinking'. In the past year, she has used trance to research consumer relationships to foods, drinks, toiletries, finance, TV and other media issues.

An author and regular public speaker on the power of the unconscious mind to shape our lives, Lisa has trained people in creative thinking in Europe and Asia, most notably in Japan and in the UK. She has run vision-based workshops all over the world, including the USA, China, India and of course in Britain. From 1998 to 2002, she ran workshops with teenagers of 14 nationalities, exploring their expectations for the future. This became a bilingual book, Voice in the own words teenagers predict the future, published in Japan.

FUTURE SEEING TRAINING is approved as a professional training organisation by the UKGHE.

"Lisa is a master at giving people an experience, not just an explanation."
Maureen Troward, Hypnotherapist, Southampton.

"Lisa presents her expertise in such an accessible way that I felt sufficiently empowered to put my learning to good use with my clients straight away."
Amanda O'Brien, Psychotherapist, Cumbria

Any questions, call 01229 583750.


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