Creative Workshop: Talent For Life

One day dedicated to your imaginative powers
(featured in Woman & Home, September, 2013)

Give your imagination a work out. Flex your intuition.

Talent for Life offers a series of experiences to open you up to your abilities, reveal to you how you can make more of your talents and how you can create a life that is more fun to live.

Over the course you will:

Talent for Life is led by Lisa Morgan. Her work is based upon two principles:

What people have said about Talent for Life

"Life-changing experience" is not a phrase to use lightly.  But the workshop I attended with Lisa on the subject of 'Talent for Life' was, indeed, just that. Oh, there was no moment on the road to Damascus; the clouds didn't part to reveal new pronouncements. Rather, Lisa's put me back in touch with truths I knew deep down.  Her unique and subtle skill is to bring out the things you already know about yourself, and to unleash the power of your imagination for change."
Martin K., New York

"When did a workshop with Lisa, I had just begun my first real (and challenging) job and was already pretty desperate about my prospects and my situation. I expected to spend a lot of time dissecting my fraught relationships with assignments and bosses. Rather, Lisa gave us techniques to work out what we want out of life and work. I think Lisa has loads and loads of insight and wisdom, and the ability to locate that same deep wisdom inside the people she guides as well."
Deborah H., Tokyo

Call 01229 583750 for details and to reserve your place.

When: See training calendar for next dates. (Workshops run from 10.00 - 17.00 with a break for lunch)

Fee: One day workshop: 80 pounds,
(Hot drinks provided. This does not include lunch.)

About Lisa Morgan

Lisa became aware of the power of people's imagination and the potential of their intuition while working as a consumer strategist in advertising agencies and then as a Director of Planning and Research in a major company. She studied creative thinking and visioning techniques, including Creative Problem Solving, Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming in the UK, USA, Hong Kong and Tokyo. These studies helped shaped the approach that inspires this weekend. Lisa demonstrates hypnosis and other thinking tools on her youtube channel: futureseeing

She is Chair of the UK Guild of Hypnotist Examiners and is an approved professional trainer for the UK Guild. Lisa is an author and business consultant. Her work has featured on CNN, BBC, Japan's NHK and in Woman & Home, Times and FT.

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