FUTURE SEEING workshops for brands and business building

Each FUTURE SEEING project is tailor-made to achieve the objectives of your organisation.

Lisa Morgan works directly with the people in companies who have specific communication and strategic needs. She creates and facilitates workshops to fit their corporate culture and achieve their objectives.

For example, she works with company boards to help them work together to achieve corporate goals. She trains teams in powerful presentation skills and methods for developing creative thinking. She works internationally, training in-country teams in marketing and advertising skills.

Contact Lisa directly to discuss how she might help you and your company achieve your unique goals.

The FUTURE SEEING workshop method - to pre-empt the future

FUTURE SEEING helps companies break out of their linear thinking to build imaginative ways to succeed.
A method to inspire innovative idea development, drive breakthrough planning and achieve winning strategies. A workshop-based process, it uses applied psychology and creative thinking tools to:

According to recent brain research, 95% of what people think lies in their unconscious. The decisions people make are also predominantly formed in their unconscious and only once made, are they rationalised. This is as true for people in an organisation as it is for customers. FUTURE SEEING is unique in the way it taps into and capitalises upon those unconsciously-held thoughts

From insight to implementation
The technique recognises that coming up with ideas is only one step of the way to developing successful strategies. Lisa Morgan uses a rigorous process to help organisations take ideas through to successful implementation.

The key steps can be summarised as:
Vision - insights, ideas, inspirations
Division - similarities, patterns, differences, divergences
Revision - defining, refining
Supervision - decisions, responsibilities, actions

Everyone can take part

FUTURE SEEING participants can be consumers, company personnel, independent experts or a combination of all three groups, depending upon the aims of the project.

It gives multi-national clients an extra edge

FUTURE SEEING crosses cultures. The approach translates easily into different languages so anyone can participate effectively. By using global archetypes - symbols that have meaning in all cultures - to drive the process and by focusing on visual imagery rather than words, the output can be integrated into local business plans and implemented worldwide

A well-tried methodology with powerful application

Lisa Morgan has been using the FUTURE SEEING approach internationally for 20 years. She has gained extensive and unique experience working with people's unconscious imagery.

A pivotal element involves envisioning the future, not just next year, but also several and many years ahead. This gives participants glimpses, like snapshots or films, of 'future moments in time'. They are directed to seek out information on specific issues: for example, homes, lifestyles, leisure, work, etc. In addition, participants imaginatively 'investigate' the possible future of their brands, their organisation, its competitors and market sectors.

What you get out of it

Strategic recommendations that make powerful sense. Why? Because they are based upon imaginative scenario planning - stemming from and capitalising upon deeply-held business and market needs.

Courses for business

Lisa Morgan offers these courses and workshops for businesses and organisations:

Hypnosis for Business Insight

Creative Hypnosis

Leaping (an outward bound course for the mind)

Making it up

Lisa and her team are happy to devise a workshop programme to fulfil your objectives. Feel free to give us a call on 01229 583 750 and we'll tell you how we can help you.

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