Hypnosis for Business Insight - a training in skills at the leading edge of neuroscientific understanding

In this three day course (2 days and 1 day), you learn to use hypnotic trance to access the unconscious thought-processes that shape decisions.

This is a unique training in the commercial applications of hypnosis. It covers

- how to research consumers’ unconscious thoughts

- how to reveal more about people's decision-making and behaviour

- how to help people make the most of their unconscious creativity.

This course is a practical and experiential training. It is useful for insight managers, market researchers, strategic planners, workshop facilitators and coaches. They will discover new ways to enhance their techniques to drive innovation, generate ideas, inspire teams and, as a research methodology, to understand decision-making processes.

Neuroscientific research is revealing the benefit of hypnotic trance to access the unconscious associations that lie beneath conscious thoughts. Hypnosis helps to get in touch with the unconscious thoughts and feelings, the deeper images and sensations that determine attitudes and behaviour. People in hypnotic trance have been shown to access Theta band 2 brainwaves which are associated with creativity. Creative ideas are therefore generated by people in hypnotic trance as they are able to combine lateral and previously unconnected associations in their mind to forge a new idea.

Lisa Morgan champions the use of trance as a research methodology. In this course she demonstrates and explains the techniques she uses to go deeper and to work with people so that they generate insights about their own processes and personal choices.

How people report the trance research experience

'I felt I could say anything and no-one was judging me. What I said did not have to be logical.'
'Things just kept coming out. I was on the ceiling - a pleasurable experience. Hadn't thought about those things at all.'
'I'd never have thought of that if you'd asked me straight.'

Over two days you cover:
Specific marketing applications

How to recruit and conduct Trance interviews - with consumers or stakeholders
Techniques to explore unconscious product and brand associations and beliefs: imagery, communications
Emotional state elicitation and its relationship to brand preference
Ways to working hypnotically with teams to develop ideas and creative strategies
How to use hypnotic projectives within traditional brainstorming and research sessions.
Trance tools to develop thinking flexibility and engender experimentation in individuals or groups
Ethical guidelines for using trance in business contexts.

Hypnosis-based thinking tools including:
Trance induction, deepening and awakening
Questioning techniques to reveal the deep thought structure and emotional basis of these thoughts
The art of effective suggestions to achieve clarity of responses
Designing skilful non-contaminated visualisations and other projective techniques
Regression (remembering previous experiences) and future progression (revealing expectations)
Symbolic and metaphorical image exploration
Methods to stimulate idea generation with groups and individuals.
How to successfully manage different levels of trance and avoid abreaction.

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Course structure
This course is designed to teach you the skills you need in 2 days intensive practical training plus a useful follow-up day (12 weeks later) to further refine the skills learnt in Days One and Two. Day Three is thus an opportunity to ask questions and to check and build techniques.

This training is run as clients demand. Please contact to discuss scheduling a course. Fees based on location and trainee numbers.

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