Diploma of Creative Hypnosis - March 2019

This course is for professionals who work with businesses, organisations and groups to help them solve seemingly intractable problems, develop strategies for successful futures and drive innovation.

Now you can learn hypnosis to help stimulate creativity for yourself and for others. It is taught by Lisa Morgan, UKGHP Chair

Hypnosis gives access to the internal world of the unconscious and enables us all to tap into our enormous creative processing power. This course is designed for anyone who seeks the thinking tools to fulfill their creative potential and for those who wish to bring these creative tools to others.

You learn to use trance-based tools to aid strategic teams, company management, organisations as well as individuals. You gain tools to inspire creative problem solving and help people and groups achieve success.

There is so much to discover about the unconscious mind. Neuroscience is demonstrating that it does most of our thinking and is cleverer than we know: processing information, linking experiences, drawing inferences, determining emotional reactions, experimenting and making decisions, often outside conscious awareness. Decisions, ideas and creative solutions are sourced from this invisible processing power.

Who benefits from this course

Creative professionals, consumer and brand planners, market researchers, HR and coaches are examples of business professionals who will get lots out of this. Anyone who is interested in developing their own creative potential.

The Diploma of Creative Hypnosis is a five-day course held in Green Lane Farm, South Lakes, Cumbria. it is accredited by UKGHP. Trainees at successful completion will be awarded a certificate as an Accredited Creative Hypnosis Practitioner (ACrHP).

Practical experiential learning

This training is unique in that it focuses on practical, experiential exploration of the non-traditional applications of hypnosis, using trance-tools to access the unconscious resource of creativity, inspiration and innovation.

In addition, the course trains you to explore unconscious thought-processing in order to understand better how decisions are made and behaviour is shaped

Throughout this course, trainees put the principles into practice and thus, through direct experience, gain knowledge at an unconscious as well as a conscious level.

Access the unconscious as a source of creativity

The benefits of learning hypnosis are considerable for people who want to find easier ways to achieve insight.
There is a commonly-held belief that creativity requires some sort of struggle and that the source of inspiration is elusive and mysterious.Yet history is full of stories that show that breakthrough was easy to achieve - through some sudden leap of imagination, symbolic dream, or idea that arrived fully fledged. Kekulé, for example, 'saw' the shape of the benzene molecule when he dreamt of a snake eating its tail; Samuel Taylor Coleridge wrote his poetry automatically, 'channeling the divine winds'.
These suggest that great ideas can be easy to come by. In fact, it is the power and sophistication of unconscious processing that enables us to make creative leaps. Hypnosis taps into this processing power directly and so gives easy access to this creative source,
This course gives you the skills to connect with the unconscious and to become familiar with its genius. Hypnosis breaks the frame of the old and reveals the new.

Explore unconscious thought processing

Hypnosis offers access to the processing of the unconscious mind. In trance, you can explore the neural web of associations, the imagery, memories and emotions that inform decision-making. Hypnosis is therefore a powerful tool for researchers who want to understand the thoughts behind the thoughts and the feelings behind those too. Qualitative researchers will find this course provides them with techniques to gain a new understanding of human attitudes, values, behaviour and expectations.

Useful hypnosis-based tools

The practice of hypnosis involves a number of skills that are useful in a wide range of applications. The course includes:
rapport building and communication skills
trance induction, deepening, exploration and awakening
the art of effective suggestions to achieve clarity of responses
how not to implant suggestions by mistake
questioning techniques to reveal the deep structure of thought and the emotions that lie behind them
tools for the development of flexibility and experimentation
design of effective, non-contaminated visualisation and other projective techniques
regression - to access 'forgotten' potential
future progression to explore unexpressed expectations
resource identification and development
state recognition and state management
symbolic and metaphorical imagery exploration and development
'eureka' methods to stimulate idea generation
management of different levels of trance and how to avoid abreaction.
ethical issues when working in trance.

Specific marketing / business applications
(NB content adapted to the needs of attendees)
how to work hypnotically with business teams to develop new ideas and strategies
from unconscious insights to fleshed out strategic implications
techniques to explore unconscious product and brand associations and beliefs: imagery, communications
emotional state elicitation and its relationship to brand preference
ways to work hypnotically with teams to develop ideas and creative strategies
use of hypnotic projectives within traditional brainstorming and research sessions.
recruitment and form of Trance interviews - with consumers or stakeholders
trance tools to develop thinking flexibility and engender experimentation in individuals or groups
ethical guidelines for using trance in business contexts.

Commercial Relevance

The course reflects the business and work requirements of the trainees. Each trainee is encouraged and supported to build their own job-specific hypnosis skill set.

With digital manual

Attendees receive a manual , covering in detail the course contents and including a recommended reading list to take the study further.


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Event End Date 4-3-2019 5:00 pm
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Cut off date 27-2-2019
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