Individual Consultancy

One to One sessions

Imagination-based visioning and hypnosis techniques are powerful aids to developing personal strategies for change.

I help individuals, working with you on a range of personal issues including career planning, building self-esteem, work strategies, stress management and health concerns such as asthma, allergies, phobias, quitting smoking and other unwanted habits.

If you are a smoker and want to give up the habit, you may want to contact the National Stop Smoking Centres for which I am the Furness area hypnotherapist. 

For other issues, please get in contact with me direct, to book a personal session.


Held on an occasional basis, so get in touch if one of these interests you and I will schedule it:


If you have ever wondered how hypnosis works or what it feels like to be in trance, this day is an easy and safe introduction.

You learn to achieve a hypnotic trance through your own actions and thoughts. You discover a pleasant and powerful way to achieve relaxation and clarity too. If you feel stressed or anxious, then self-hypnosis can be a valuable tool. It can help you improve your state of mind and gain a sense of well being.

Over one day, you learn a number of different techniques to help you achieve trance and deep relaxation. These are also helpful if you wish to rid yourself of any unwanted habit or thought-pattern.

This course is a useful introduction for individuals and also for therapists and counsellors who are considering developing their relaxation techniques or using hypnosis in their practice. Those who wish to go further can study for a Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis, trained by me, Lisa Morgan.


"Lisa's personal warmth and passion for her topic is contagious and makes for a hugely enjoyable day."
Amanda O'Brien, therapist.

"Lisa is a master at giving people an experience, not just an explanation."
Maureen Troward, Hypnotherapist.

Professional attendees receive a Certificate of Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Talent For Life

One day dedicated to your imaginative powers and creativity. It was featured in UK magazine, Woman & Home, September, 2013. 

Give your imagination a work out. Flex your intuition.

Talent for Life offers a series of experiences to open you up to your abilities, reveal to you how you can make more of your talents and how you can create a life that is more fun to live. 

Over the course you will:

  • Harness the power of your imagination to work on your behalf
  • Explore your talents and discover your, as yet, under-utilised resources
  • Develop a close relationship to your creativity
  • Energise your potential to flourish.

I lead the Talent for Life day. My work is based upon two principles:

  • Imagination is just like a muscle - the more you use it the stronger and more effective it becomes
  • Life does not just happen to us. It is stored in our thoughts. Whether we recognise it or not, we constantly create our lives. 


What people have said about Talent for Life

"Life-changing experience" is not a phrase to use lightly. But the workshop I attended with Lisa on the subject of 'Talent for Life' was, indeed, just that. Oh, there was no moment on the road to Damascus; the clouds didn't part to reveal new pronouncements. Rather, Lisa's put me back in touch with truths I knew deep down. Her unique and subtle skill is to bring out the things you already know about yourself, and to unleash the power of your imagination for change."
Martin K., New York 

"When did a workshop with Lisa, I had just begun my first real (and challenging) job and was already pretty desperate about my prospects and my situation. I expected to spend a lot of time dissecting my fraught relationships with assignments and bosses. Rather, Lisa gave us techniques to work out what we want out of life and work. I think Lisa has loads and loads of insight and wisdom, and the ability to locate that same deep wisdom inside the people she guides as well."
Deborah H., Tokyo

An Introduction to Shamanic Trance

My first experience of trance was working with Native American teacher, Denise Linn, more than twenty five years ago. With her, I learnt of the power of the 'Four Directions', the Medicine Wheel and of shamanic journeying. My studies with Denise twice took me to Canoe Island in Puget Sound, USA where I experienced the vision quest and took part in traditional sweat lodges. In 1994 I moved to Asia where I continued to study shamanism, first in Hong Kong and then in Japan. I learnt from various teachers, including Dr. Larry Peters, an expert in the Tibetan Bon tradition. 

This one-day workshop is an introduction to shamanic trance, arguably, the root source of hypnotherapy . What I love about the shamanic approach to trance is that it always has a purpose. Shamans journey to 'do something', not just to enjoy the inner experience. You too will learn to journey with purpose.

The day will be experiential and culminate in a journey based upon the Bon traditional Hungry Ghost ritual. 

The Glass Half Full

Feel better about your relationship with alcohol.

Do you start thinking about your next glass of wine when the one you have in front of you is half full? Do you beat yourself up about that?

Whether you are a sipper, a swallower, a binger or don't touch a drop, this day will help you sort out your relationship to alcohol.

In the workshop:

    • You'll explore how you connect with drink and discover the image of alcohol that lies in your subconscious
    • You'll work out ways to feel more comfortable with your drinking behaviour
    • You'll develop your own vision of the person you want to be in the future

The approach is based upon using your own imagination - it's what gave you your attitudes to alcohol, so it's the most powerful asset you have for changing how you think and feel.

What this workshop is NOT

A confessional or somewhere others tell you what to do or think

What this workshop IS

An exploration, fun, creative - somewhere you make up your own mind.

What people say

"As a result. (of the workshop) I no longer felt I daren't have a drink. I could control it rather than the other way round. I could choose to have a drink rather than "having" to have a drink."
Marion S.

"The methods that you employed touched me deeply and let me understand the roots of my relationship with alcohol, the potential future and how to make that future be different to what it is today.
It has given me a platform to build on and I have started to build, already revisiting my notes and the exercises you introduced and putting the philosophy into practice."
Bill W.

"Whilst I now am still able to enjoy a glass of wine the insights Lisa's course gave me have enabled me to view it with more freedom and choose just to have one glass. My previous pattern was the booze equivalent of feast or famine.
Lisa handles the workshop with skill, honesty and humour and the experience of The Glass Half Full has stayed with me and significantly impacted on my attitude to booze."
Jo B.


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