Using trance techniques and NLP to access unconscious thought processing

Did Trump & Co Use Hypnotic Suggestions to Prime the Mob?

As ABC News published, the assault on the US Capitol building was a long time in the making. Roger Stone – Trump's pardoned PR man – started a 'Stop the Steal' campaign on the web as far back as 2016, collecting 2.5 million followers at one point. Research has shown that repeated lies are believed the more they are repeated. After heavy promotion by Trump and his enablers, this slogan, 'Stop the Steal' became the mob's raison d'être and rallying cry.

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Comply with Me: Trump's Hypnosis Toolkit Exposed

 Lisa Morgan Reads Excerpts

Want to spot when politicians are trying to hypnotise you? This reading by Lisa Morgan will give you clues. A recording of the virtual event held on 9th July 2020, excerpts cover some of Trump's physical hypnotic ploys, starting with the handshake, a form of confusion technique and including eyes, hands and voice tone. Boris Johnson's uses hypnotic 'artful vagueness' and you'll hear how and where he acquired his knowledge of hypnotic speechifying. The author answers questions including why Trump might not like masks, what hypnosis is and the reason why the UK Covid 19 slogans were designed to be so open to people's interpretation.

What My Clients Say

Lisa worked with me last year to finally put a stop to my 25-year nicotine addiction. Although e-cigarettes aren't as dangerous as real ones, I still felt there were lots of negatives to vaping - and nicotine addiction of any kind really wasn't good for my mind or body. Lisa's hypnotherapy technique was extremely powerful - delving deep to challenge my belief that I needed - or even wanted - nicotine at all. 

Darren Harvey

Lotus Research

For me, this was so effective because Lisa worked really hard to understand my story, rather than applying a one-size-fits-all technique. I haven't touched nicotine for a year now, and - amazingly - it barely even figures in my thoughts or feelings now. Giving up nicotine with Lisa's help felt like a gentle letting-go of something that had ceased to matter, rather than being wrenched away from anything important. Thank you Lisa for a life-changing experience!

Darren Harvey Continued

Lotus Research

Lisa’s NLP courses are very inspirational. She is a genuine expert in NLP and hypnosis and is able to integrate techniques flawlessly in order to facilitate much needed and useful changes in clients. This means that the courses can be personally transformational and profound. Watching Lisa in practice is to watch a real master seamlessly blending techniques in a therapeutic, business or personal context. She is the ideal person with which to train and from whom much can be learnt.

Sarah Olsen

Executive Coach and Business Consultant

The wonderful hypnosis course was so enjoyable and a fabulous experience. Never had so much fun doing a course.

Nicola Spencer

Trained nurse and hypnosis practitioner

I am very drawn to anything that gives me, my clients, my agency or my fellow planners the edge when it comes to actionable insight. Hence I have been so delighted to work with Lisa, the Future Seeing tools and Creative Hypnosis methodologies to get to better, bigger, deeper insights.

Lisa Tomlinson

Think Shape Do

I worked on building my confidence as a pianist, and later that same day had two wonderful sessions playing in a band. Hypnosis definitely improved both performances, which I enjoyed immensely, feeling much freer and confident in performing. I have subsequently continued to use the techniques I learnt on a daily basis.

Zina Myakicheff

Musician, accompanist, teacher

I have now attended the NLP Practitioner course and found it excellent. It was an empowering experience in a learning environment which was enjoyable and pleasurable. 

Lisa delivered the course creating an open and relaxed atmosphere which was conducive to learning and I felt supported throughout.

Sheila Jackson

Lisa's conviction and courage are inspiring. She has championed and pioneered the use of trance in research believing that it is our unconscious which drives our decisions, beliefs that have since been strongly confirmed by current thinking in behavioural economics. I have had the pleasure of working with Lisa over recent years, doing the more pedestrian market research in parallel to her work in trance, and we have plumbed the depths and mapped the shallows of many markets: frozen food, television, banking, soft drinks, supermarket shopping, breakfast cereals amongst many more. So I’d say that if you really want to find out how your market works, from the inside of the consumer’s mind, or you need a new and invigorating take on a marketing conundrum, give her a call.

Judith Wardle

A wonderful and enlightening course. Lisa delivers a course which is knowledgeable, fun and life changing. Location and small numbers makes this course very personal. I came out with the tools needed for both myself and future clients. Look forward to the next . And I can't forget to say thanks for curing my cold feet. It proves NLP works as my feet are always warm.

Nicola S.

I have just completed my Hypno-Coaching course with Lisa, the third course I have done with her at 'Future Seeing Training’. Once again what an absolutely wonderful learning experience. So much information and more importantly, for my style of learning, LOTS of practical experience on the course. Lisa has so much knowledge to impart and share with her students, it is just a wonderful life- changing experience. 

Pat W.

I have just completed the Hypno-Coaching course with Lisa who delivered the course with knowledge, insight and wisdom in a personal, friendly way .The course is fun and wonderfully informative. Lisa’s methods are inspiring, enlightening, her fount of knowledge and skills are amazing.

I now have the tools for me and my clients, to successfully guide and change life time habits and beliefs, that hold us back.

I recommend this course to anyone who wishes to lead a happier, healthier, more confident  life.

Thank you Lisa for easing the arthritis in my hand; writing this is effortless.

Jayne G.


"Life-changing experience" is not a phrase to use lightly. But the single-day workshop I attended with Lisa on the subject of 'A Talent for Life' was, indeed, just that. Oh, there was no moment on the road to Damascus; the clouds didn't part to reveal new pronouncements or platitudes. Rather, Lisa's put me back in touch with truths I knew deep down, which I'd lost in day-to-day life. Her unique and subtle skill is to bring out the things you already know about yourself, and to unleash the power of your imagination for change. I wouldn't have come to know myself so well without Lisa's help.

M. K., Tokyo, Japan

When I signed up to do a workshop with Lisa on work and career development,I had just begun my first real (and challenging) job and was already pretty desperate about my prospects and my situation. I expected to spend a lot of time dissecting my fraught relationships with assignments and bosses. Rather, Lisa had us drawing our ideas and dreams, and sinking into trances to find our animal totems which would guide us in life. She gave us techniques to work out what we want out of life and work, and helped me see that those two were basically the same thing. I haven't been moved to use the techniques again, but then, I haven't really felt desperate about work or life since the workshop. I think Lisa has loads and loads of insight and wisdom, and the ability to locate that same deep wisdom inside the people she guides as well.

Debbie H, Tokyo, Japan

I would recommend the workshop - as an individual you are under no obligation to "spill your guts" / confess although there is open forum to share experiences if you choose to. The exercises are subtle and actually quite fun. But although they are subtle they seem to be working at a deeper subconscious level which means that behaviour changes without you having to make much / any conscious effort - a kind of no pain and lots of gain!

Q. L.

The methods that you employed touched me deeply and let me understand the roots of my relationship with alcohol, the potential future and how to make that future be different to what it is today.
It has given me a platform to build on and I have started to build, already revisiting my notes and the exercises you introduced and putting the philosophy into practice.

Bill W.

Why Future Seeing?

Because we can’t change the past except by how we think about it. We can change the future, by not being held back by our past, by tending to our expectations and through our imagination. After all, now is already the past...

Neuroscience is catching up with hypnosis

Neuroscience is demonstrating what hypnosis practitioners have known for years - that the source of our decisions and the most powerful asset we have for imagining how we can improve our lives is our unconscious mind. I use imagination and hypnosis-based techniques to help people access their unconscious thought-processes and to use the insights they gain to change their lives, their businesses and the world we live in.

Chair of the UK Guild of Hypnosis Practitioners

Chair of the UK Guild of Hypnosis Practitioners, The UKGHP was founded in 1983 and champions Hypnosis for positive change, including and also beyond therapy. I have taught hypnosis and NLP for more than 20 years, training UKGHP courses since 2010.

Make the most of your assets: Call 01229 583 750 to discuss how Lisa might help you.

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